Video Review: Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco – Battle Scars (2012 Single)

Guy Sebastian has come along way since his time on Australian Idol in 2003. In his latest single, ‘Battle Scars’, featuring US superstar Lupe Fiasco, Guy showcases his diversity and talent once again with a more mature sound and style.

This is the second collaborative track that Guy Sebastian has released recently (his prior single ‘Gold’ featured the very talented Carmen Smith). In this effort, the combination of Lupe Fiasco’s rap skills with Guy’s strong vocals results in a catchy pop, hip hop track that’s chorus will become firmly entrenched in your head after just one listen.

While both artists recorded their vocals in Australia, the video for ‘Battle Scars’ was shot on location in New York. In keeping with the urban feel of the song, locations for the video include industrial areas filled with destroyed cars and burning oil drums, a variety of cityscapes and abandoned buildings that go on to be lit up by searing red flares later in the clip. The angst of this track is clearly shown in the styling of the video and through the performances from Guy Sebastian, who almost seems to be in physical pain at times, and Lupe Fiasco. A montage of individuals revealing their sadness and personal battle scars on hand written signs also flows through the video, indicating the universal nature of heartbreak.

This video follows a classic music video style, showing the artists performing with additional actors staring wistfully in cut aways. As always, there is a reason that something becomes a classic and that is because it works – just as it does here.

Guy Sebastian has another hit on his hands with ‘Battle Scars’ and the video for the track coincides with it perfectly.

Rating: 4/5

Check it out for yourself below:

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